Our Prorammes

Clips Centre offer the following programmes

Clips Teenage Mothers project

The programme targets vulnerable teenage mothers from Kawangware slums and its environs.

✅Beneficiaries are offered vocational skills training in Hairdressing and Beauty.

✅Rented rooms for those living in the informal settlement

✅Day care services for their children while in training.

✅Improve parental well-being and family strengthening by ensuring both mother and Child are taken care of during training.

    The programme caters for 35 teenage mothers who have low level of education having become pregnant at an early age. With no formal level of education, become sexual workers or turn to anti-social activities as a means for survival. The project socio-economically empowers them through skills training as a means of alternative earning.

Clips Rehabilitation Centre

The main objective of the centre is to:

✅To rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate street children through vocational skills training.

✅Provision of meals, accommodation, learning materials and uniforms to clients

✅Provision of basic medical care to enrolled beneficiaries

✅Provision of vocational skills training

✅Guidance and counseling services

✅The centre act as a drop-in centre for street youth/children on Saturdays for feeding programme/ basic health care.

✅Advocates and lobby for well-being of street children Rights- life, survival and Development.

✅Create awareness against abuse, neglect and non-discrimination of street children/Youth

    The centre empowers 100 street youth through skills training who are reintegrated back into the community and earn a decent living thus reducing poverty / street life at Kawangware informal slums.


Clips Early Child Development Centre

The Centre provides a safe, secure and nurturing haven for children aged 0-4 years for the Vulnerable teenage mothers and street youth enrolled at Clips Centre in addition to the lower- earning families from surrounding community.

✅The Centre provides child care services and prepares the children for their future development.

✅The Centre caters for the nutritional, basic health, nurturance, protection and training needs of the children.

✅The programme enables teenage mothers enrolled at the School of Hair Dressing to concentrate on their training and acquire competent skills for future life. The centre has a capacity to cater for 35 babies daily.



The centre operates Clips Hair Designers and school of Hair Dressing as a Social enterprise and Income Generating Activity. As a social enterprise, resources realized are used to fund Clips projects. Services offered include:

✅Vocational skills and entrepreneurship training.

✅Internship for those with basic hairdressing, beauty training.

✅Counseling and guidance.

The School of Hair Dressing socio- economically empowers 150 beneficiaries yearly for wage or self employment in the informal sector of Barbering, Hair and Beauty.

Clips Community Service Project

Clips centre implements a community service programme as a way of appreciating the community. Activities implemented under this programme include

✅ Monthly environmental clean-ups by the Clips centre community.

✅Monthly provision of social services to the elderly found at the informal settlement and other at homes for the elderly

✅ Monthly visits to Remand homes and prisons to groom the inmates


Clips Health Care project

✅The programme aims to reduce uptake of unhealthy behaviour by youth.

✅HIV/Aids information dissemination.

✅ Sexual Reproductive health.

✅ Advocate for access to health care.

Female Genital Multilation Issues

Clips Civic Education Project

This critical tool that ensures youth to:

✅Promoting good governance

✅Promotion of human rights.

✅Public Participation.

✅National hood.